Because of the change of lawful circumstances for foreign companies, related organizational difficulties, international crisis as well as serious and chronic disease of ART-MALL's director and founder we have suspended temporary the direct activity on the Danish market.

Of course, we can't deny all our respectable Clients a professional service and a fulfillment of agreed projects or contracted long time ago. We will help to find other the best professional building companies selflessly which very often hire the same specialists who we had to part with because of our reorganization.

To meet all Danish law requirements the competent set of chambers and Danish revisor will take charge of all recommended and mentioned above companies and their works will be supervised by the Danish native company. Of course, everything with the same and very attractive prices!

We invite the all interested in professional building services to sending us email with a contact data. You can use our email form here Send email»

We (or one of our market follower) will prepare the offer for You immediately with a great pleasure. Of course, as always You can count on the best prices on the market, the highest quality and short times of an expectancy /execution! So, all of these good things which ART-MALL's Clients were used to!


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Vi vil invitere dem til en hjemmeside, hvor de hurtigt kan få information, om byggefirmaet ART-MALL. På vores hjemmeside, vil vi gerne beskrive vores forskellige bygge aktiviteter. (se Tilbud» og Omkring os») Vise resultater af vores arbejde (se Gallery») og inspirere jer til at benytte ART-MALL. I tilfælde af specielle ønsker, (se Contact») enten direkte til vores direktør eller vores maneger.
Artur Jablonski

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